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2024/2025 Team Tryouts


April 2024

Dear Parents,


Hello, my name is Andrew Kerr and I am the head coach for the 2024/2025 U15 AA hockey team. I would like to welcome everyone to the tryouts and thank you for taking the time to attend. I wish everyone a successful tryout and the best of luck!




Tryout #1 = Monday April 29th – ACC #1 (McAlpine Ford) – 8:00pm -9:30pm


Tryout #2 = Thursday May 2nd – ACC #1 (McAlpine Ford) – 7:00pm – 8:30pm


Tryout #3 = Friday, May 3rd – ACC #1 (McAlpine Ford) – 7:45pm – Game vs Newmarket Renegades




1.  You must pre-register your child online (AMHA Website) for the upcoming season & purchase a tryout passport. Please email me if you have any difficulty ([email protected] )

2.  You will see your child’s passport number on the U15 AA – Tryout Player List page on the website if you are welcome to come to the tryout. If the number is not there, please contact the AMHA.

3.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the tryout begins.

4.  When you arrive at the lobby of the ACC rink #2, please go to the AMHA table to sign-in and receive your child’s tryout jersey. THIS JERSEY MUST BE RETURNED AT THE END OF EACH TRYOUT.

5.  Full protective gear is mandatory, including neck and mouth guards.

6.  You MUST attend the first tryout in order to be invited back to the second or third tryout. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend, please email me to discuss.

a.  Please note, the AMHA has lifted the guaranteed 3rd tryout protocol for incumbents.

7.  There will be a team of INDEPENDENT evaluators, with no association to the U15 age players, who will be assisting me with assessing and evaluating the players. I will be using the full panel of evaluators to make decisions about which players will make the team. All evaluators have a vast experience of coaching and playing hockey at a high level.  I am also bringing in goalie experts to conduct evaluations of the goalies.

8.  The AMHA will also assign a team of independent evaluators.

9.  During and after the tryout, please do NOT approach the evaluators, as they have a job to do.

10.Communication of my decisions after each tryout will occur via the website and NOT in person. Your child’s passport submission ID number is the code that identifies them on the website (look at the U15 AA website for the team and the tryout page).

·       After the 1st tryout, results will be posted after 6pm on April 30th

·       After the 2nd tryout, results will be posted after 11pm on May 2nd

·       After the 3rd tryout, results will be posted after 11pm on May 3rd

I am aware that some players (and/or their parents) may experience anxiety during this process. Please kindly reinforce with your child that they perform at their best when feeling relaxed and confident. It is also important for parents to help manage their child’s expectations during this process. A roster position on this team should never be assumed. The process is designed to fairly pick the top 15 players and 2 goalies based on objective criteria.




The following is a list of what I am looking for during the tryouts:


· Skating

· Coachability

· Hockey sense & play intensity

· Puck handling

· Shooting

· Angling & contact

· Attitude

· Passing

· Team play




·    There will be a financial commitment from each family. The estimated financial commitment will be approximately $3,000 - $3,200.  We will be looking for sponsorships and fundraising to help reduce the cost per family.

·    There will also be a time commitment required of each family. We will be on the ice 3 to 4 times per week with practices and games.

·    We will be attending approx. 3 to 4 tournaments (2 local and potentially 2 out of town)

·    I will be looking for the following parent positions:

o   2 assistant coaches

o   1 practice coach

o   Team Manager

o   Team trainer (I would prefer more than 1 as a backup)

o   Treasurer à A financial background and knowledge of spreadsheets is preferred)

o   Charitable lead

o   Other roles (fundraising, on-ice helpers during practices, etc.)


·    All decisions about player positions are at the discretion of the coach and will most likely change during the season based on the needs of the team.

·    If your child makes the team, they MUST attend the Tigerware fitting on May 16th @ 9pm


If you have a question for me, then please email me. If you have a concern, then please respect the OMHA protocol of waiting 24 hours to contact the coach. Please contact me via email after this time. If I receive an email before this time, I will respond when the 24 hour wait period has expired. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the rink.


Andrew Kerr

Head Coach – U15 AA

Email: [email protected]



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