2023 -2024 Tryout Passport - NEW (Aurora Minor Hockey)

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  1. IF the answer is "NO" please follow the instructions above for registration. ONLY THOSE REGISTERED FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR TRYOUTS (NRP excluded)
  2. Tryouts for the 2023 - 2024 Aurora Minor Hockey season will be as follows.
    Players will be able to pre-register and pay for the tryouts online through the Aurora Minor Hockey website.

    The players will need to fill out a simple questionnaire of the past year playing experience.  Players must tryout one level higher than that of 2019-20 season if the player played representative hockey, unless they want to tryout for BB non checking(U14 and older only). House League players may start at AA if they desire.  All players will still need to be registered with Aurora Minor Hockey before stepping on the ice. Follow this link to register.

    Once you pay for the tryout using our online form, paypal will issue a number which will correspond to your child.  After each tryout the coach will post the number pertaining to that child on that teams respective AMHA team website. If your child's number appears, this signifies that he/she is to appear at the next tryout for that level.  Should the number not appear, please check the next level below as the number should appear there.

    Any player selecting to tryout at BB will be allowed to attend the 1st AA, and or A tryout only if they wish.  Should you skate two times or more at A or AA your BB declaration will be null and void.  Goalies cannot declare BB!

    If a player is offered a position with that team and the offer is refused, that player shall automatically lose all representative tryout privileges and shall play House League. 

    Any Refund will incur a $20.00 surcharge.

    We wish all players good luck during the tryouts.

Player information
  1. please choose the division the player is trying out for
  2. enter team played for last season
  3. select one from the list

  4. please choose one from list
  5. select which way player shoots
  6. Enter which hand the goalie catches with
  7. are you attending tryouts with a Non Resident Passport
Contact Information
  1. enter the players home address
  2. mm dd yyyy
  3. Example: yo[email protected]. Your submission will be sent to this address.
  4. Example: ###-###-####
  5. Example: ###-###-####
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